Work Exhibited


Open House Exhibition

Open Times : 9am-5pm, or other times by appointment

Location : Flat 2, Cavendish House, Cavendish Street, Ulverston, Cumbria LA12 7AD

Directions by Car : 1. Park in Ulverston • 2. Walk to Coronation Hall • 3. Cross mini-roundabout to Cavendish Street • 4. Cavendish House is on the left 1/3 way down, Flat 2 is through the archway with the black painted wooden double doors.

Exhibition : 23 highly original paintings and drawings inspired by people's connections with their internal and external environments, often involving figures or nudes positioned against organic forms and patterns of nature.

Also on display is my Masters Degree work, in the form of 3 projects that use the nude figure as the subject:-

The Rude, the Nude and the Crude • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This body of work looks at the attitudes surrounding nude images regarding what is tasteful, moral or legal.

Portions - In these 3 paintings I’ve focused on obsessions over the female body's appearance and the ideals about how a woman should look, that manifest into mental illnesses such as internal feelings of aggression, anger or depression directed towards the body.

Abandoned in the super-market - Metaphors used to describe a woman’s sexuality, often in terms of food, raise many questions. Words used to describe eating or devouring are frequently used to describe female sexuality, and I have used some of these in these paintings.

Dylan Thomas's Boathouse (Laugharne)
A number of paintings are displayed in Dylan Thomas's boathouse of the boathouse and Laugharne Castle.
Dylan Thomas Boathouse


2007-9 "The Stable Door" Wine Bar (Laugharne)
The exhibition here consists of half a dozen paintings of Dylan Thomas's Boathouse and local scenes.
Address: Market Lane, Laugharne, Carmarthenshire SA33 4SB; Webpage
Stable Door

2005-9 West Wales Centre for Crafts (St Clears)
This exhibition is refreshed from time to time, and contains at least 30 exhibits.
West Wales Centre for Crafts is a centre where numerous artists and crafts people have workshops and has an exhibition area downstairs where you can also view ceramics, jewellery, painting and pottery. The artists also do teaching. Webpage
Craft Centre

2005-9 Narbeth Gallery
This exhibition had erotic nudes and various prints.
You can also view about 100 paintings of the Pembrokeshire coast.
Address - Webpage
Narbeth Gallery

2004-5 Owl and the Pussy Cat (Laugharne)
10 illustrations (drawings and paintings) of Dylan Thomas's boathouse were exhibited at this restaurant.
Address: The Owl & The Pussycat, 3 Grist Sq, Laugharne, Carmarthenshire SA33 4SS

2005 Open House (Laugharne)
An exhibition of 20 miscellaneous oils and drawings were exhibited for a couple of weeks in the summer at Jo's House as part of the yearly "Open House" Arts Festival where people open their houses to exhibit their art and crafts.

2003-4 Hurst House (Laugharne)
20 pieces of semi-abstract oil-paintings were exhibited at this hotel/restaurant. Webpage
Hurst House

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